Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Successful exhibition

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I exhibited 16 items of my ceramics work at the annual exhibition of West Forest Potters which was one of the venues on the Henley Arts Trail. The exhibition was full of wide variety of interesting work, and received many visitors each day. Not only did I receive a lot of very positive feedback for my work, but also sold 7 items (I had 2 items which were not for sale); always good to know that people like your work sufficiently to pay for it. However, it is sometimes hard to part with pieces which have been so enjoyable to make, such as my large 'Rock Form with sea glass'

Another piece which I would have quite liked to enjoy at home for a while was my recently produced  'Curled Leaf'
I also sold the following pieces:-

and two cream birds.
I am already planning what to be making ready for next year's exhibition!

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