Monday, 26 September 2016

Vases and other pots

In early July West Forest Potters held a very successful Firing Day where members had the opportunity to Raku and Smoke fire some of their work. I was able to raku fire a couple of my birds and also this vase.

A few more recent vases...

Here are some lidded pots and saltpigs


For some time I have been making my small birds and glazing with a vellum off-white glaze giving the following result

I like making the birds, they nestle snuggly in my hands as I work on their shape, they also are very popular and always 'fly off the shelves' at any sales I do.

I decided it was time to branch out and try different finishes to the original shape and also try other bird shapes, here are some of my results.

Raku birds
Tenmoku and shiny white tin glazes
Burnished and smoked


I used up all my pink and black clay making bowls and planters, here are some of the planters...


 Here are my recent bowls of various shapes and sizes.


Recent smoked work

Once again a long gap in my blog with lots to catch up on since I have been fairly busy making.
I have decided to concentrate on putting up photos of recent work with very little waffle around them (you can come and look at my sketchbooks if you want to read that!)
So in this post, here are photos of work that has been made using the lovely Ashraf Hanna clay which is burnished and smoked.