Friday, 7 November 2014

Autumn leaves

I thoroughly enjoy the meetings held by West Forest Potters because each month we invite a well known potter to come and demonstrate and talk about their work. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain further inspiration and possibly learn new skills to include in our own work.

In Sept 2013, I was enthralled by the work of Liz Teall who uses real leaves as a resist for slip decoration of her work. Over the past few weeks I have finally got around to experimenting with this technique. After a fair amount of trial and error I am starting to produce some pieces which I am fairly happy with. My first successful pieces were a pair of 'double bowls' which I made as new bowls for the cats, they appear to be delighted with them!!

Cat bowls

 I like using my small heart bowls to experiment with different decorative techniques, as well as using leaves from the garden, I have also cut paper spirals (got to have my koru in somewhere).

Heart bowls

Koru and fern leaf heart bowl
 I have also used this technique to decorate a 'salt pig'

I am sufficiently happy with my results so far that I plan to continue to develop this technique, but may have to wait until next year when I have more leaves in the garden.

Monday, 3 November 2014

More Arts Gallery

Having got myself back into production, I was excited to receive an email recently inviting me to exhibit (and hopefully sell) my work in the More Arts Gallery in Wokingham. A group of local artists, under the More Arts organisation in Wokingham are currently using an empty shop in the town centre to exhibit and sell their work in their 'Here Now' exhibition. The shop is open Fridays and Saturdays from 10.00am to 5.00pm with the artists on a rota to steward the exhibition.
Fortunately I had enough work to display both in Wokingham and at Riseley Village Tearooms.
I set up my display on Friday 31st October, ready for the shop opening on 1st November.

My work will be on sale for all of November, fingers crossed for some business!