Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Busy weekend ahead

Over the past few weeks I have been very busy preparing for the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend; I will be exhibiting with West Forest Potters on the Henley Arts Trail and having a stall at Thrive's Open Day on Saturday 4th May.

The last few pieces of work have emerged successfully from the kiln; I have selected 18 pieces of work to exhibit at HAT and gone through the difficult process of pricing everything for both events. I have also made some wooden plinths to display some of my abstract sculptures. I just need to carefully pack everything up and keep my fingers crossed for some sales!

My latest firing of the kiln included mark 5 of my triple bowl design; decided to try a different handle shape this time and I am pleased with the result.

Triple bowl (h~9cm, d~14cm)
I have also been working on several new ideas:-

Triple bowl set on platter
The bowls are hemispheres and sit into indents in the platter which then form the 3 standing points for the platter, definitely a design to develop.

These are bird feeder pods which are intended to have bird food placed inside and then hung in the garden (the little clay balls underneath are simply to support the pods in the kiln and for my photos). Yet to find out whether birds will feed from them!

Yarn bowl in marbled green (h~9cm, d~16cm)

Yarn bowl in blue-grey (h~9cm, d~16cm)

Having been impressed by the yarn bowls on a stand at Unravel-a festival of knitting, it was time to try making some for myself.

Here are my sculptures sitting proudly on their new wooden plinths:-

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