Saturday, 15 June 2013

A runaway success!

My new yarn bowls were spotted at Thrive by a couple of members of the local Knit 'n' Natter group, who thought they were wonderful and that they would be liked by other members of the group, so I was invited to their next meeting. My bowls were greeted with great interest and lots of orders; to date I have made and sold 11 bowls, with another 3 orders outstanding.

Here are some of the bowls which I have sold

This bowl had copper oxide on the rims and in the base of the bowl. After glazing with a shiny white tin stoneware glaze, some pieces of 'sea glass' were placed into the bottom of the bowl before firing. I was surprised when I opened the kiln to see the pink glow; I believe this is due to the tin in the glaze attracting cadmium (which may have been in the glass).

Once again I brushed the rims and base with copper oxide, this time I used a glaze called Copper Red which strangely gives a pale blue colour, normally with no hint of the 'Red' in the name of the glaze. However, this time I did get a hint of red, possibly caused by cadmium again?

This bowl is glazed with marble green which gives a wonderful array of greens and blues.

Copper oxide with vellum off-white glaze. I put a large lump of sea glass in the bottom and croosed my fingers that it would melt well; delighted with the brilliant green!

Copper oxide and Blue-grey glaze. The sea glass in the bottom looked to be a very pale blue so the brilliant blue after firing was a surprise, but a very pleasant one!

Whilst I am enjoying making (and selling) my yarn bowls, I am also trying to make sure to find time to work on other things and to experiment with two new clays, but that's another blog...

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