Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hot out of the kiln

Last firing of the kiln before the Thrive Christmas Fair on 5th and 6th December has given me some more small heart bowls
Heart bowls with sea glass

and two more platter and triple bowl sets.

This platter was textured using a lovely large pine cone found on a walk a couple of weeks ago.

This platter was textured using a piece of coral found on a beach in Fiji over 30 years ago! To keep the sea theme, I glazed the inside of the bowls with copper red glaze (it still amuses me that with red in the name of the glaze it fires blue!)

This firing also included my second attempt at making a large shallow bowl with a spiral of glass in the bottom. Careful drying of the bowl had enabled me to produce a bowl without distortion to the bisque stage of the process. However, the stoneware firing has once again distorted the shape (currently not sure how I can stop this happening). Also, I left on too much copper carbonate in the texture of the bowl which has dominated the glaze, hmm....

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