Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Familiarity a good way to restart...

Although I had a wonderful new studio (which made a very cosy spare bedroom over the Christmas period when the house was bursting at the seams with family) it saw very little productive use until February. The combination of more time, creative energy and the need to produce new work to exhibit in May brought about a flurry of activity. When I have not played with my clay for a while I often find a good way to get back into the swing of things is by making some familiar pieces.

I started by actually making something for myself! I have made several garlic pots, but always sell or give them away, time for me to have one to store my garlic in (I made two and the other has sold).

Garlic pot
Whilst making familiar items I had fun making a few more little birds, husband thinks they are too cute but they do sell well.

Eternity (~18cm height)
I continue to experiment with the Maori symbol for eternity. When first working with this form, I joined the twisted sections together in a point. Towards the end of last year I made a small eternity joining the two sections in a loop, much more like the mathematical symbol for 'infinity'. Pleased with this new development, I then made a larger version.

Eternity (~26cm height)

The horizontal lines appeared after glazing, they are not cracks going all the way through, but think they must be where the coils of clay have been joined, not something I have encountered before.

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