Monday, 26 September 2016


For some time I have been making my small birds and glazing with a vellum off-white glaze giving the following result

I like making the birds, they nestle snuggly in my hands as I work on their shape, they also are very popular and always 'fly off the shelves' at any sales I do.

I decided it was time to branch out and try different finishes to the original shape and also try other bird shapes, here are some of my results.

Raku birds
Tenmoku and shiny white tin glazes
Burnished and smoked


  1. I was recently fortunate enough to visit Wendy's amazing studio set in her gorgeous and vibrant well tended garden. Her work is as stunning and aesthetically pleasing as it is prolific, everything including the tester tiles and her first attempt at a garden flower was a joy to behold, an nearly every single piece held a little of the vitality and spirit of the natural world which clearly inspires her. The juxtaposed between this vitality and strength and the delicacy and (my assumptions) about the fragilty of the medium made them all the more dynamic and appealing to view. Not a single piece lacked beauty or grace, many also held an up lifting playfulness in there movement like the drift wood hangings and floating balls. I was particularly drawn to the pairs of birds, (two in particular I am hoping to purchase as a thank you present for my parents support through a recent period of life changing education). For me there's something magical about how such simply insinuated form can carry such a sense of life and personality but also that as a pair they evoke such a feeling of relationship connectedness and affection. I left feeling my eyes had been nourished and refreshed, so thank you Wendy for the chance to enjoy your wonderful creations, I will be in touch soon about the two I hope I have found a home for (if I ever work out how, this is the third time I've typed this review! That's the charm they say).

    Patrick (Thrive/Coventry STH student)

    1. Patrick,
      Thank you so much for this amazing feedback! I love making my work but it means so much more to see people enjoying looking at and handling it. It was lovely to meet you all last week, I know how hard the Diploma is, so good luck with your final study. Looking forward to hearing from you and sending a pair of birds on their way to you.