Saturday, 3 March 2012

Quality Quilt

Having been working on alliteration at school with year 3 children, I felt inspired to use this in my title for this post, but there are not so many words beginning with 'Q'.
Just after Christmas I started to make a quilt, having looked out all my fabrics that have been stashed away in the attic and using an old patchwork book to give me the instructions for a 'log cabin' design. As a teenager I had started a quilt using hexagons all hand stitched together. This had languished in the attic for many years before finally being completed about 10 years ago, and is now a family favourite on chilly winter evenings watching TV.
I have long been fascinated by the log cabin design and decided it was time to learn how to do this and to make Katy a quilt for the cold ,windy days in Wellington. When I started the quilt I never expected to finish it in time for her birthday on the 29th February. However the quilt took over my life for a few weeks, as I enjoyed working on it so much, and I was able to post it out to Katy in New Zealand in time for her '6th' birthday.
I think I must have spent over 60 very enjoyable hours making the quilt. I look forward to doing more quilting; but I am enjoying getting back to ceramics, wood carving, knitting and gardening for a while before I start on another quiliting project.

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