Thursday, 12 April 2012


Whilst slabbing some 'grogged' clay to make two more weaving frames, I started to play with some of the slabs and experiment building some different shapes. Initially I used drawings of a stone as inspiration.
This then led on to further experimentation and 2 more shapes built from slabs. I then decided to use all 3 shapes to experiment with different finishes.
With the first piece, which most closely resembled the original stone, I covered it in white slip, then loosely brushed on cobalt oxide and underglaze colours, before finishing with a clear glaze. The result was colourful, but not very successful.
With the further 2 shapes, my 'apostrophes', I sratched into the sides of the shapes, highlighting these with copper oxide. I painted on a wax resist spiral before dipping into two glazes.
 I was very pleased with this combination of Copper red and Autumn shades glazes over the copper oxide.
 Light oatmeal glaze over Copper red, not quite so effective.
 Fun to experiment, and has given me a new glaze combination (Copper red and Autumn shades) to use.

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