Thursday, 18 July 2013

Turning up the heat.

Despite the current heatwave I have been using the incinerator for some more smoking.
I am very pleased with the latest work to emerge, here are some pictures:-

Smoked 'Love Bird' pods (~15cm height)
Wrapping work in foil before smoking is producing some great results, the pods above were foil wrapped, as were the two vases below. The trick seems to be not to wrap too tightly so that some smoke can seep in to the foil.

Smoked vase (~15cm height)
Smoked vase with hole (~15cm height)

My first smoking of these vases was dissappointing as very little smoke had managed to get to the vases. Re-wrapped with foil much looser and into the incinerator again, much more successful.

Love the pale grey smoke marks on this.

I also masked some pieces with slurry again, here are two vases:-
The 'Zebra' vase fell over in the incinerator which is why I think that one side is darker.-

Smoked 'Zebra' Vase (~15cm height)

Smoked Fern Vase (~15cm height)
After my holiday I will be busy making more work to continue with my smoking adventures.

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