Friday, 23 August 2013

Addicted to smoking?

Whilst on holiday on Pembrokeshire at the start of the school holidays I spent some time sketching a few ideas to work on when I got home. Here is one page from my sketchbook.

We saw a lot of shiny black beetles on the coast path and also around our tent, so I had plenty of opportunity to enjoy studying them. Ken even very kindly put one on my sketchbook, not realising that I was already drawing the shape to use as a starting point for a pot!
Here is the pot which was inspired by the beetles.
Smoked 'Beetle' pot (h~13cm)
The clay was burnished before bisque firing, then smoked twice to make the pot really black, then a final polish with beeswax.

I love walking on the Pembrokeshire Coast path, not just because of the fantastic views of sea and cliffs, but also for the abundance of wild flowers and insects. In July most of the foxgloves had finished flowering, but I took the time to study the seed pods, a sketch of one is on the page above and here is the ceramic pod created from this.
smoked 'Foxglove seed pod' (h~15cm)
Once again the clay was burnished before bisque firing; then mostly wrapped in foil with some slits to let in the smoke and a final polish with beeswax.

Another idea from my sketchbook page was realised below.

smoked 'twisted form' (h~20cm)

I enjoy making 'pods', often inspired by nature, here are some more which came out of the last firing.

smoked 'Crescent pod' (h~13cm)
smoked pod (h~13cm)
I also felt it was time to make a few more hearts and try smoking these.
smoked heart (9x11cm)
smoked heart (9x13cm)

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