Sunday, 20 January 2013

Echeveria lilacina

In May 2012 I bought myself a new succulent plant from a market stall because I loved the shape, flowers and fact that it had new plants growing from it (several plants for the price of one!). I did not have the name of the plant, but some searching on the internet suggests that it is an Echeveria lilacina. I immediately propagated some new plants which have been growing on very happily for the last few months; time to make some containers that are more interesting than an ordinary flowerpot.

Here are the first two containers.

Plan is to make some more for the other plants which I have propagated, ready for selling in May at Thrive and the Henley Arts Trail.

I have also used the same design for decoration (carved spirals highlighted with copper oxide) on a vase.

Amazingly, I seem to have succeeded in making a vase which does not leak!

The spiral appears again on a piece which was planned to become the base for a lovely piece of yew. Unfortunately the two do not work together so think that I may buy an 'airplant' to sprout from it.

Have I said that I like spirals?

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