Monday, 28 January 2013

Water, water, everywhere....

Back in 2010, I had a lot of fun creating some ceramic sculptures based on water eroded rock forms.

When making the second sculpture, I deliberately put suitable holes in the base so that the piece could be used in a water feature. Last year I started trying to design a suitable reservoir in which to sit a small pump and support the 'rock form'. After using a lot of brain cells, purchasing a small pump for an indoor water feature and one false start at building the ceramic reservoir; I finally came up with a potentially workable design.
This was implemented in clay over the Chistmas holidays and emerged from my kiln this morning.

The first test was to see if the base would hold water.
Having established that I had a leak free reservoir, the next challenge was to get everything assembled, the pump rate set and tubing positioned such that I did not get water everywhere!!
After several attempts (and a rather wet kitchen), I was happy with my new indoor water feature.

Rock form water feature - Ceramic, sea glass and pebbles (h~65cm)

I am particularly pleased that most of the water is running down where the sea glass is, looking as if it is eroding the rock.

I was also delighted with this bowl which came out of the kiln this morning.

The inside of the bowl has been glazed with a new marble green glaze, a recent purchase; one which I will be using a lot of in work to come.

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