Monday, 21 January 2013

Fun with fungi

Whilst exploring further into different fungi, I came across a brilliant website full of images of fantastic fungi; I could spend hours just revelling in the amazing shapes and colours of fungi from around the world!

Already I have experimented with two new shapes of fungi, with a view to teaming these up with some of the lovely wood which I have acquired.

The first of these was the Morchella semilibera

Whilst I am pleased with the overall shape, I need to find a way of making the piece not so heavy and to use more oxide on the edges.

Having spent a long time going back through the images on the 'fantastic fungi' website, I have failed to find the one which inspired the shape below (but had fun looking!)

As well as making fungi from clay, I also have fun trying to photograph any I spot when walking the dog. I think my best photos to date were taken on our wet holiday in the Lakes at the end of October 2012.

No idea of the names of the fungi, sorry!
I think to take photos of the standard of 'fantastic fungi' a better camera is required (possible birthday present in March?), one can live in hope!

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