Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I am trying to group together the many items of ceramics which I have been busy making over the past few years; so time now to gather together images of my assorted bowls.
Not surprisingly one of my first bowls was inspired by my love of spirals. 
Spiral bowl with 'sea glass' (~25cm diameter)
My interest in flowers inspired my next creation which started life from sketches of tulips, but became larger and more open as it was made and not really a tulip colour when glazed!
Tulip bowl (~20cm diameter)
I had great fun making this 'wavy-edge' bowl, which Ken so kindly called my 'ash-tray'
Another wavy bowl which also emerged out of a simple pinch-pot
I like starting with a lump of clay and pinching to make small bowls, here is one which I was particularly pleased with.
Off-set bowl with 'sea glass' (~13cm diameter)
My work is often inspired by the work of other artists; I have admired the beautiful pierced, porcelain bowls of the ceramicist Peter Lane, here is a small bowl inspired by his work (unfortunately not in porcelain).
Pierced bowl (~14cm diameter)
On visiting Art in Clay in Farnham in 2010 with a friend, I was inspired by the work of Ian Harris and experimented with creating a 'stepped-edge' to some bowls.
I love beach combing and often find pieces of 'sea glass', which are bits of broken glass which have been ground smooth by the sea and sand. I like adding these to my work, never quite knowing what colour and effect will be achieved. These bowls have 'sea glass' inside.

My friend admired a lovely blue plant pot, so I made her one that was similar.

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