Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I love beach combing and have spent many a happy hour wandering along beaches with my head down and pockets bulging with the treasures I find. We spend our annual summer holiday very close to the beautiful Marloes Sands Beach in Pembrokeshire and I now know where the best collections of driftwood are to be found by scrambling over rocks at low tide. We always return with a new supply of driftwood. A few years ago I rediscovered the fun of using a penknife to whittle wood (as a child I regularly whittled arrows for games of 'cowboys and indians' with my older brother), I have since learned to be more creative and now whittle shells, dolphins and hearts, as well as more abstract shapes which are governed by the piece of driftwood.
I felt it was time to start using my driftwood within my artwork and started by producing a range of mobiles.
Driftwood and small ceramic hearts
Driftwood wind spiral with carved driftwood heart
 I also made a selection of mirrors with driftwood frames.

As well as making small ceramic hearts to use with my driftwood mobiles, I have also made small birds.
I have had a lot of fun carefully selecting and piecing together driftwood together to create hearts, here is a picture of the first of these.
Driftwood Heart (30x33cm)
The final images in this posting show some of my abstract pieces 'whittled' out of driftwood.
Carved spiral mounted on driftwood

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