Friday, 30 December 2011


I first used the heart shape within my ceramics in the creation of a heart-shaped vase. I made this in terracotta clay which was burnished when leather-hard; after biscuit firing I smoked the vase in burning sawdust, I completed the vase by polishing it with beeswax (along the same lines as the work of Magdalene Odundo which I have admired for several years).
Heart vase, burnished & smoked (~12cm)
I then started to make a series of hearts designed for hanging, which have proved to be very popular with my 'customers' (family and friends).

On a visit to RHS Wisley in Feb 2010 I enjoyed photographing the exotic butterflies in the Glasshouse, the image from one became the inspiration for decoration on some of my hearts.
I have also started making small heart-shaped bowls which include a small amount of 'sea-glass' in their centres; once again these have proved very popular and sell as fast as I can make them.

Heart bowls with 'sea-glass' (~7cm)
I also make small ceramic hearts which I combine with driftwood to make mobiles for the garden.
Driftwood, ceramic heart, wire and bead mobile
Encouraged by the popularity of both my ceramic and driftwood hearts, I decided to create hearts using different media and started making hearts from silver wire.
Wire and bead heart hanging (~40cm)

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