Sunday, 1 January 2012

Boxes & Pots

I love finding bargains so can often be found hunting through the local charity shops. One very valuable find was the book 'Ceramics Manual, A Basic Guide To Pottery Making' by Graham Flight; a book which is no longer in print and a search on Amazon gives the lowest price for a secondhand copy at nearly £11 (inc delivery). So my purchase at £4 was a bargain, especially since the book has provided me with so much valuable advice and inspiration.
The book gave me the idea to make boxes with a curvy lids
Curvy lidded box (~10cm)
I then moved on to making small egg shaped pots
 This then led to making small pots with handles made from small pieces of driftwood and Paua shell
 and to experimenting with 'sea-glass' in a heart-shaped impression in the lid
Pot with 'sea-glass' heart (~7cm)
Also to slightly larger pots in which the original spherical shape was beaten to a 'square' or 'triangle' form

 When my sister requested a garlic storage pot for her Christmas present I instantly knew there was only one shape in which to make this!
Garlic pot (~20cm)
More of these are already in production as a friend has already ordered two!

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