Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wire and bead work

Having successfully made hearts using silver wire this led on to being a little more ambitious and to making some stars and trees to use as Christmas decorations.
Silver wire and bead Christmas decorations (~8cm)
On a much smaller scale I made myself a pair of ear-rings, but this was very fiddly so I have only made one pair so far.
Silver wire and bead ear-rings (~2cm)
For the garden I made a large spiders web; the spider and the fly were bought from Chi-Africa Ltd who use recycled metal to make their sculptures.
Wire and bead spider's web (~50cm)
After lunching with a friend who collects dragonflies (not real ones!), I realised that my wire-wrapping method could probably make an effective dragonfly wing and that I could then mount the wings on a suitable piece of driftwood, and so my dragonflies were hatched.
Dragonfly, wire, bead and driftwood (~30-cm wingspan)

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