Wednesday, 4 January 2012


When walking the dog I enjoy collecting grasses, leaves and seedheads to use to impress into clay, such as my Houseleek planters. I have also made a series of small tiles using a variety of natural materials to impress into the surface of the clay. I then wired together the tiles and hung them from one of my many pieces of driftwood to create the wall hanging shown below.
Seed impressed wall hanging (25x47cm)
I also made a few small hangings, which sold straight away.

With ferns being one of my favourite plants it is not surprising that I often use parts of the plants to embellish my work. In the small hangings above I impressed both parts of tree fern fronds and new unfurling fern fronds to decorate the tiles. I have also used fern fronds to decorate some large platters.
Fern leaf platters (~30cm)

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