Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Having decided to give my work the name 'Koru Craft'. I felt it would be appropriate to have a suitable logo. Unsurprisingly, I designed a logo using the Koru form, and since I like the heart shape created by two touching Korus I have also used this.
Koru Craft Logo
Having drawn the logo neatly by hand, I have been able to scan this in to the computer so that I can manipulate it and include in any printed material that I produce, such as business cards.
Whilst designing the logo I was doing some research on the web and came across a New Zealand Maori artist, Sandy Adsett, who often explores new arrangements of koru shapes in his paintings. This triggered me into designing a painting based on my koru logo. I had great fun getting out the paints again (I have not painted since completing my Access course in 2004), finding an unused canvas in the attic and producing the following painting.
Koru Hearts - Acrylic on canvas (30x40cm)

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