Monday, 2 January 2012

Garden features

For many years I have wanted a water feature in the garden; I designed a pebble pool water feature in 2005 as part of my study for the Diploma in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture but had not actually put this design into use in the garden partly due to the cost of the large drilled boulder required. Now that I was creating a variety of ceramics items I decided to design and produce a large ceramic ball to use instead of the original planned boulder; here is a sketch of my design.
Here is the large ceramic ball which I made using the above sketch
The next challenge was dig up more of the garden to create instal the water feature; over the years we are gradually having less grass in the garden as I create more planting spaces, at least it means less mowing!
Here is the water feature up and running, I hid the top of the water pipe using one of my first small birds.
The garden is a great place for installing some of my larger ceramic works. One of these came about because we were given a large concrete bird bath which my husband decided would make an excellent plinth for a ceramic sculpture, so I rose to the challenge and made the sculpture shown below.

Spiral sculpture (~40cm height)
I also made a large carved stone to add to the pebble area around the water feature.
Carved stone (~30cm diameter)
No doubt more ceramic items will find their way into the garden to nestle amongst the plants.

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