Sunday, 29 April 2012

Curled Leaf

I am finding that I keep referring back to the research work and ideas which I had when doing my Access course; a really productive year with not enough time to implement all my ideas.
When researching for my final 'Seed' project I came across an image of a piece of work by the Sculptor Will Spankie
This piece of work called 'Curled Leaf' and is a Stone carving of three leaves curling around each other. They form to make the shape of a drop of water. However, at the time it caught my attention because of the similarity in shape to a seed pod, so I kept a copy of this image in one of my sketchbooks.
I used this image as the starting point for a new piece of work, which I have also called 'Curled Leaf', much smaller than the original stone carving.

'Curled Leaf' - Ceramic (~15x25cm)

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