Monday, 23 April 2012

Little boxes

 My little boxes/pots with driftwood and Paua shell handles have now gained polished Yew handles. There are 2 reasons for this:-
1. I do not have anymore suitable pieces of small driftwood until I have another holiday in Pembrokeshire (only 6 weeks to wait for this!)
2. I now have small off-cuts of Yew from the beautiful wood given to me by Meir Weiss. A lovely way to use these pieces of wood which would otherwise be burnt; however quite fiddly and time consuming.

One of the Ceramicists who made an impression when I visited Farnham Art in Clay in 2010 was David Wright. Not only did I aspire to his simple shapes with very natural finishes achieved by use of a wood fired kiln; I was also intrigued by the hand carved wooden lids on his range of coiled boxes. With this in mind and a piece of yew (and a lot of 'elbow grease'!) I have produced my own box with wooden lid.
Without any chisels I have been unable to make a really snug fit for the lid, but I am pleased with the combination of the colour of the wood and the glaze.

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