Friday, 13 April 2012

Plant Life

In 2010 I was lucky to be given 2 free tickets for Chelsea Flower Show. In the Great Pavillion I was particularly interested in the displays of carnivorous plants, especially the Sarracenia. This led to some initial sketches and plans to create these fascinating plants in clay. I have finally got around to implimenting these ideas and have produced this set of Sarracenia mounted on a piece of beech wood which has been shaped, sanded and waxed.

I also felt it was time to make some more small Koru. The set below has been glazed using the Copper red and Autumn shades combination that came out of my 'experimentation'. Instead of using a silver birch mount, I prepared one of the lovely pieces of yew that I have acquired, the colour of the yew compliments the glazing.

Also on the plant theme, this time real ones, I have completed a larger Cowrie shellform which I have planted up with more sempervivum.


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